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Charging your Puff Box

Your device should be charged when it first arrives but we advise to make sure it is fully charged before you first use it.

You will know it is fully charged by inserting the USB-C cable into the device – a red light will appear just below the USB-C charging port. Once the device is fully charged the light will go off.


Device not firing/ No Vapour/Flavour

  • If your device is not firing or not producing any flavour/vapour it may be due to the refill pod not being inserted fully.
  • Twist in the refill.
  • Ensure the refill pod is flush against the device (you shouldn’t be able to see any of the coloured flavour label)
  • If you are met with resistance, try to warm up the device before continuing to twist in the refill pod. Keeping the device in your hands for a few minutes should help warm up the device.
  • If the device continues to resist apply a strong grip and twist the refill pod until it won’t turn any further. You may have to apply some force to this.

Your device should now work.

Click the link below to view these steps in a video 

 The Puff Box - Refill Not Fitting Error - YouTube

If you are still experiencing issues or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team by emailing into


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