Setting up your VIM/ Safety information

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Locking and unlocking your device 

To use your device for the first time you will need to unlock it. You can do this by pressing the fire button quickly 5 times (this may take a few attempts) your device will show a green flashing light, your device should now be unlocked.

How to lock and unlock your VIM video -

Coil information

Coils should be changed regularly, coils can last a long time, but research has shown over time build up on the coil can cause unwanted substances in higher numbers, so we advise changing a coil every 7-10 fills, to maintain the best possible taste and emissions. This applies to all coils.

Coil life will vary dependent on many factors, the type of E liquid used, some flavours reduce coil lifespan as do certain bases, even similar flavours from different manufacturers dependent on ingredients. 

New coils should be primed prior to use, to prime a coil place a few drops on each wicking hole, and then 2 drops down the coil centre from the top. Priming the coil allows the wicking process to begin and prevents dry hits or coils burning out quickly. This is particularly important with high VG or pure VG liquids. 

See fig.2 below

If you over prime a coil you will flood the device, if this happens flick the device sharply (fig.10) a few times, this will clear any excess liquid. With a new coil you may need to do this a few times as it beds in.

Coil Characteristics:  By changing the coil, you can change how the tank performs:

1.0Ω MTL S-Coil – uses less E-liquid and battery capacity, allows discrete vaping, warmer vapour – similar to a cigarette.

0.5Ω DL S-Coil – cooler vapour, max clouds, max E-liquid, max nicotine hit and max battery drain


• Ensure that your battery has enough remaining charge to operate. 

• Ensure that your tank is filled with a suitable quantity of e-liquid. 

• Squeeze the power button with either your palm or lower fingers (Fig. 11), while at the same time inhaling through the mouth tip. 

• When you are finished inhaling, release the power button and exhale. 

• Use the adjustable airflow to tailor the tightness of the draw to your liking. 

• If you experience any gargling flick the device sharply to clear (fig.10)

How to Insert the Tank or Change the Coil

How to Fill the Tank

Using the device

Make sure to charge the battery before use as some batteries may not be fully charged out of the box. 

Follow figs.1-6 below for full set up instructions. 

After filling your tank a new coil may flood due to priming or, a few times, as it beds in.

This can cause gurgling or a bit of leakage from the airflow. To clear this hold the device (like a fishing rod) and flick (fig. 10) down sharply (in a whipping motion) a few times, this will clear any excess liquid and prevent gurgling and leaking.

Finger-tight only: The VIM is a precision engineered device, so you don’t need to be He-Man when tightening parts, finger-tight is enough for all threads overtightening may cause damage.

Safety Features:

• Overtime protection – The battery will automatically cease output and the power indicator light will flash 6 times if the power button is held down for more than 10 seconds. 

• Low voltage protection – When the remaining voltage of the battery drops below 3.1v, the power indicator light will flash red 10 times and output will cease. 

• Short circuit protection – If the battery detects a short-circuit, the power indicator light will flash a multi-coloured light 3 times. 

• Low ohm protection – If a damaged coil, or a coil with too low of a resistance, is used, the battery with flash a multi-coloured light 3 times. 

• Overcharge protection – The device will stop accepting a charge once fully charged. The device, however, should always be removed from the charger once charging is complete. 

• Vents – The battery has built-in vents around the USB connector and the charging LED to allow venting if necessary.

Safety information

Failure to follow the supplied safety instructions could result in personal injury or damage. Users of the VIM do so at their own risk. Neither JAC Vapour Ltd, nor its retailers, assume any responsibility or liability associated with the use/misuse of the device. JAC Vapour Ltd products are intended for adult use and consumption only. Keep the instruction booklet included with the VIM in a safe place for later reference. 


• Do not drop, deform, bend, crush, puncture, incinerate, microwave, shred, paint or insert foreign objects into the battery. 

• Do not clean the device other than as instructed by JAC Vapour Ltd. 

• Do not attempt to repair or modify the battery or tank yourself. 

• Use caution when handling the device. The coil will become very hot through use, so direct contact with the coil during, or just after use is to be avoided. 

• Never leave your device unattended while it is charging, or while the coil is still hot.

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