How do I operate my SERIES-B DNA 75W and its features?

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FOLLOW THESE STEPS to set up your SERIES-B DNA 75W, don’t miss a step!

1. Remove the magnetic battery cover.

2. Insert a charged 20A (or higher) IMR 18650 battery (sold separately), positive side pointing up towards the top of the device (see battery requirements for more information). You can also charge the battery in the device via USB if you’d prefer.

3. Replace the magnetic battery cover.

4. If the battery needs charged, connect the Micro USB charging lead. Do not force the connector, only insert it far enough for the charge symbol to appear on the OLED screen.

5. Attach a compatible 510 tank to the device, then push the power button once to check its resistance (Ω).

6. A prompt may appear, asking if you are using a new atomiser (if temperature control is activated). A resistance reading will be taken, and continually monitored/adjusted while in use.

7. If the screen shows ‘CHECK ATOMISER’, check that your tank is screwed firmly into place.

8. Once the resistance of the atomiser is displayed on the OLED screen, the device is ready to use. Select your desired wattage by clicking the ‘+’ and ‘–‘ navigation buttons.

9. Press and hold the power button to fire the device while inhaling. Release the power button to cease firing, and exhale.

The control panel on a DNA 75W

Using the SERIES-B DNA 75W box mod Modes and Features :

Locking the device

Rapidly click the power button 5 times to lock the SERIES-B DNA 75W (clicks must be no more than 0.7 secs apart). While locked, the device will not fire. Repeat to unlock.

Setting wattage

Use the ‘+’ and ‘–‘ navigation buttons to increase or decrease wattage. Holding one of the navigation buttons down for a few seconds will increase the speed at which the wattage changes. Wattage can be adjusted in intervals of a tenth of a watt.

Locking power output

To lock the power output (wattage) of the device, press and hold the ‘+’ and ‘–‘ navigation buttons together for 3 seconds (while the device itself is unlocked). Repeat to unlock the power output again. This allows you to use the SERIES-B DNA 75W without accidentally adjusting the power output setting.

510 connector

The device is fitted with a spring-loaded positive pin. The pin will compress when a tank is attached, ensuring a secure connection between tank and device.


When the SERIES-B DNA 75W is powered on but not used for more than 10 seconds, the OLED screen will dim. When left unused for a further 20 seconds, it will enter standby mode and the screen will switch itself off. Press any button to leave standby mode.

Display (while in use)

In its default mode, the OLED screen will display the current wattage setting, as well as the resistance of the coil, applied voltage and amperage draw. The information displayed on the screen will change based on the power mode selected.

Stealth Mode

While the device is locked, press and hold the fire and ‘–‘ buttons for five seconds to cycle into Stealth Mode. While in Stealth Mode, the OLED screen will remain off during use, other than to display lock and error messages. Repeat to return to Normal Mode.


The SERIES-B DNA 75W is compatible with sub-ohm coils/atomisers. Evolv’s DNA 75 chip works on the principle of Ohm’s Law. In order for the board to work within safe limits, it will automatically adjust settings based on whichever output limit is hit first, e.g. Voltage, Wattage or Current (Amps). For example, when working with a 2.0Ohm coil at 30w, the voltage limit (6.2v) is reached, as this combination would require a voltage of 7.7v and draw 3.8A. As a result, the device will automatically lower the wattage to accommodate (18W). We’d recommend using an Ohm’s Law calculator to check against the DNA 75’s resistance graphs, found at the back of the instruction manual, to figure out ahead of time what limits to expect with your own set up. Please note that sub-ohm vaping will drain the battery much more quickly. Using a sub-ohm atomiser will also cause the battery’s performance to decline much more quickly when it nears the end of its remaining charge. Sub-ohm vaping requires a suitable, high-quality 20A (or higher) IMR 18650 battery.

Temperature Control mode:

To set your Series B DNA 75w into Temperature Control mode for use with compatible coils, please see our Temperature Control guide.

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