How do I change the coil in my S22 or S17 Tank?

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To change the coil in your S17 or S22 vape tank, first open the tank by flipping it upside down and unscrewing the textured end with the battery connection from the rest of the tank.

This will leave you with the bottom section of the tank (which has the airflow hole), and you'll see the coil attached to this section.

Simply unscrew the old coil and dispose of, then screw the new coil back in making sure that it's not cross-threaded and is screwed all the way down.

You can prime the coil at this point by putting a couple of drops of e-liquid directly into the centre of the coil. This will help the liquid fully saturate the wicking material of the coil but isn't a necessary step.

Finally, fill the tank if needed, and then screw the bottom section of the tank back into the top section, being careful not to overtighten. Turn the tank right-way-up, connect to the battery, and leave to stand for around 5-15 minutes so that the liquid can soak into the fresh coil.

If you get any gurgling or spitting, give the device several sharp flicks downward while holding the battery. This may need to be done a few times with a new coil as it beds in, but will settle down with use.

Also, by changing the S-Coil,you can change how the tank performs:

  • 1.0ohm MTL S-Coil - Mouth to lung coil. The reduced chamber provides resistance to your inhale, uses less e-liquid and battery capacity, allows for discrete vaping, and warmer vapour - similar to a cigarette.
  • 1.0ohm DL S-Coil - Direct lung coil. This has a larger chamber and a looser draw with high airflow, cooler vapour, bigger clouds, and more hit from the nicotine. It also uses more e-liquid and drains the battery quicker.
  • 0.5ohm DL S-Coil - Direct lung coil. This coil is sub-ohm, with a larger chamber and a looser draw with high airflow and produces cooler vapour, max clouds and max nicotine hit. It also uses more e-liquid and more battery power than the 1.0ohm version.

If you need any information on how to use the Temperature Control S Coil with our SERIES-B DNA 75, please see our full guide here.

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