IMR Battery Safety

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It is important to remember that IMR 18650 batteries are much higher-powered than your regular AA batteries which you've used before, so we have a number of tips which are important to remember to ensure that you're using your IMR batteries safely.

Firstly, when inserting your battery into the device, please check that the positive and negative ends of the battery match the positive and negative markings in the device.

When removing the battery from the device, make sure not to use anything metal to pry the battery away, for example tweezers or keys, as this can cause the battery to discharge and vent.

Always keep an eye on the protective wrap of your battery and if you begin to see any snags or tears in the wrap, please safely dispose of the battery and buy a fresh new one. DO NOT remove the wrap from your battery.

When carrying the battery outside of your device, always ensure that it is protected by either a silicone wrap or within a plastic battery case. This ensures that the protective wrap of the battery stays safe, and also that nothing can make a connection with the metal contacts on the battery (eg. Coins, keys, phones etc.). This is because the batteries themselves are not regulated and will think they are making part of a circuit, causing them to continuously discharge, which can lead to ventilation.

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