IMR Battery Troubleshooting

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Is your device displaying a message such as Check Battery, Weak Battery or Low Power?

If your device detects a problem with your battery, it will often refuse to fire and will instead display an error message. Messages such as Low Power or Low Battery usually just require the battery to be charged, as its voltage has dropped too low for the device to fire at the required power.

If the IMR 18650 battery is fully charged and the messages still appear, we recommend checking the IMR battery in another device. If this other device acts in the same way, this confirms that there is a fault with the battery and so it will need to be replaced.

Is your battery not providing any power to your device?

Firstly, check that your device isn't turned off or doesn't have it's five-click lock activated. Then, check the connections to ensure that they have a solid connection with the battery and that it doesn't feel loose or rattly.

Finally, check the IMR battery with an alternative device to confirm whether the fault is with the battery or the device. If your IMR battery works in another device, this would confirm that the fault is with your original device and not the battery.Alternatively, if neither device powers up, than this points to a fault with the battery and it would need to be replaced.

JAC Vapour provides a 4-month warranty on all of our IMR batteries, so if you experience a fault with yours within this time, please contact our Customer Services team.

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