What is Temperature Control and how do I set it up on my SERIES-B DNA 75w?

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Do not attempt to use a TC coil in the default wattage mode!

Temperature control limits the maximum temperature the atomiser can reach, helping to preserve flavour and prevent burning of the wicking material. Many e-liquids will perform differently at higher or lower temperatures, and it can be useful to set a limit to achieve your own perfect vaping experience.

The SERIES-B DNA 75W box mod offers temperature control settings when using a compatible coil, such as Ni-200, SS316 or Titanium. Onboard sensors will detect if the maximum temperature has been reached and reduce the wattage automatically to prevent the temperature from continuing to increase. When using a TC atomiser, it’s important that the coil is cold before being attached to the device so that an accurate resistance measurement can be taken

To set your preferred maximum temperature

  • Lock the SERIES-B DNA 75W by clicking the fire button 5 times.
  • Push and hold the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons for 2 seconds. • Scroll through the available temperature levels by pressing ‘+’ or ‘-‘. Measurement is available in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Keep tapping the ‘-‘ button until you reach the Celsius range.
  • To turn temperature control off, keep tapping ‘+’ until you reach 600°F. Tap once more to turn the feature off.
  • Click the fire button to finalise your selection.
  • Unlock the SERIES-B DNA 75W again.
  • Vape and enjoy.
  • You must use a compatible coil (e.g. Ni-200/SS316/Titanium) to take advantage of temperature coil. A standard Kanthal coil does not support TC.

Setting coil material

To select which TC compatible material you are using (e.g. Ni-200, SS316 or Titanium), first lock the device by clicking fire button five times then press and hold the fire, ‘+’ and ‘–‘ buttons together for 2 seconds.

This will bring up the material selection screen. Tap ‘+’ or ‘–‘ to select your desired material. Press the fire button to confirm. Cycling back to watts mode will disengage TC mode.

It’s very important to use the correct mode for the material you are using. The SERIES-B DNA 75W will apply power based on mode you select, and using the wrong material may affect performance. Do not use TC coil materials in wattage mode.

Recommended temperatures

Every vaper is different, and e-liquids will often perform better or worse at higher or lower temperatures. Our recommendation is to start low then work up to a temperature which works for you. That said, most vapers will tend to stick to the 400-480°F range.

Lock resistance

Occasionally you may notice the resistance of your coil begin to drift (due to material fatigue, for example). To lock the resistance, first lock the vape mod by clicking the fire button five times. Once locked, press and hold the fire and ‘+’ buttons for 2 seconds. The device will no longer attempt to read the resistance of the coil until the lock is switched off, or the atomiser is disconnected.

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