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Have you unlocked your device?

To use your SERIES-S17 AIO kit, firstly click the main button five times quickly. The lights around this button will flash green to show that it's turned on.


Then, hold down this button whilst inhaling, and release when you finish.


Finally, click the button five times quickly again to turn the SERIES-S17 AIO off This is great if it's going to be put into a bag or pocket or not used for a period of time.


Is your device flashing red 3 times when you press the fire button?


Our devices have been fitted with different light sequences so we can diagnose connection issues easily, a common issue we deal with is the 3x Red light flicker

  • The 3x Red light flicker – This is newly added and indicates that there is no tank connected to the battery, it will also not output any power. 



If the airflow section of your tank is out of alignment, it can throw up some connection issues causing the coil to fail to read on your battery or device.

 The tank should appear straight and in alignment when you look at it head on. If you notice a slant, or sizeable gaps between sections of the airflow as pictured below, it's very likely that this is what's causing the issue.



It’s an easy fix though

  • Take the tank casing off of the device
  • Take the coil out of the airflow
  • Place the airflow on a solid surface
  • Push down on the airflow with plenty of force (easier to do by placing a heavy book on top.)
  • It might ‘pop’ as it slots back into position.
  • Screw in a new coil

     That should be enough to realign the airflow, allowing for a solid connection between the tank/coil and battery, and resolve the issue.


Video demonstrating how to resolve the connection fault


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