What's the difference between MTL and DL coils?

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If you’re new to vaping, understanding coils and how they affect the performance of your device can be tough to get your head around. Never fear, we’ve put together this short guide to help point you in the right direction.

What’s the difference between Direct Lung and Mouth to Lung?

All coils perform slightly differently, based on how they’re built, the type of wire used etc., but they do the same job – vaporise e-liquid. You might see them described as Mouth to Lung or Direct Lung.

Mouth to Lung (MTL)

  • Typically the first type of coil most new vapers will experience.
  • They offer a tighter, more restricted vape which is very similar to the sensation of smoking a cigarette.
  • Due to reduced airflow, these tend to be rated at 1.0Ohm or above, are more economical with battery life and e-liquid, and don’t produce huge amounts of vapour.

Direct Lung (DL)

  • Offer a much looser, airier draw, like sucking on a wide straw.
  • Usually rated at 1.0Ohm or below (sub-ohm).
  • Produce tons of flavour and vapour, but will use up battery charge and e-liquid more quickly.

What is resistance / Ohms?

Ohms is a unit of the resistance each coil has. A low Ohm number typically will produce more heat, faster, and a higher Ohm number will do the opposite.

The resistance of your coil will also affect how many amps are pulled from the battery, so when dealing with super-low resistance coils you’ll need a battery that’s capable of supporting this.

Anything else I should know?

Your coil also contains a wick, which saturates with e-liquid, and it’s important not to let this run dry. Wicks these days tend to be made from cotton, though other materials such as silica can still be found.

When using a fresh coil, always:

  • Prime it first (add a couple of drops of e-liquid into each of the wick holes and in the top of the coil itself).
  • Once you’ve filled your tank, allow it to stand for 10-15 minutes to give the wick time to fully saturate.

Over time, the performance of your coil will begin to decline. You’ll notice flavour and vapour production begin to fade. When you’re no longer happy with its performance, it’s time for a fresh one (typically after around 7-10 refills).

If you’re using our S17 or S22 tanks, you have several coil types to choose from:

1.0Ohm MTL S-Coil1.0Ohm MTL S-Coil
The most common coil used by S17 and S22 customers. This MTL coil comes as standard with both devices when purchased in a kit, offers good amount of restriction on the vape, and a great balance of flavour and vapour.

Buy 1.0Ohm MTL S-Coils now

0.5Ohm DL S-Coil0.5Ohm DL S-Coil
Want to turn up the clouds? This 0.5Ohm DL coil will do the business. Just remember that if you’re using an S17 battery, the high power draw will mean you’ll have to recharge more often.

Buy 0.5Ohm DL S-Coils now

1.0Ohm DL S-Coil1.0Ohm DL S-Coil
Want a looser draw than MTL, but not chasing the clouds? This 1.0Ohm DL option is a great halfway house.

Buy 1.0Ohm DL S-Coils now

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