E-Liquid Troubleshooting

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Does your e-liquid taste burnt?

If you start getting a burnt taste, this is usually a sign that your device is set to too high of a wattage, or that the coil has come to the end of its lifespan and has 'burnt out'. We recommend turning the wattage on your device down, but if that doesn't clear the burnt flavour, change the coil for a fresh one.

Some coils will run hotter than others, especially in a sub-ohm set-up. Make sure to keep the airflow on your tank fully open when using low resistance coils to ensure that they can cool down quicker between draws, which will prevent them from burning out. 

Does your e-liquid feel harsh?

There are two parts of e-liquid which contribute to the throat hit: the PG and the nicotine. If your e-liquid is feeling too harsh, it could be that your nicotine level is too high or you have a bit of an intolerance to the PG. Picking a lower-strength liquid or one that's higher in VG should feel better for you.

However, you may also find that lowering the wattage/voltage of your device will also lower the harshness. If you have a device such as the SERIES-B Tilt, it is worth checking what resistance the coil is being read as. While a variance of around 0.1ohms is normal, if your coil is showing as far different from what it should be (For example, showing as 1.2ohms instead of 1.8ohms), this can make the resulting vapour feel very harsh. In this case, check that the coil and tank are screwed in properly but not too tight, or change the coil for a new one.

Does your e-liquid not have much flavour?

Over time, you may find that the flavour of your vape juice might become a bit dull. This could be because the coil is a bit older, so changing it to a new one should refresh the flavour.

Also, if you tend to stick to the same flavour, it could be that your taste buds are a bit 'deaf' to the flavour and this is sometimes referred to as Vapour's Tongue. Switching to a very different flavour (menthols work really well for this!) for a short while should give your taste buds the wakeup they need.

The last thing to consider is if you've changed from a PG to a VG liquid. VG doesn't carry flavour quite as well as PG, so VG liquids might not taste as strong as their PG equivalent.

Are you having other side-effects?

The most common side-effect from vaping is that your mouth might feel quite dry or dehydrated. Drinking more water will counteract that.

If you're getting a headache or feeling nauseous during use, this could be a sign that your nicotine level is too high, so try switching to a lower-strength liquid.

Some people do have an intolerance to the PG in e-liquid, which is often presented as a tightness in your chest or an irritation in your throat. Switching to a higher-VG liquid, or even a pure VG liquid (Found in our PicNIC range) will ease these symptoms for you.

However, while these are suggestions which may help to ease any side-effects that you might be experiencing, we always recommend speaking with your GP if you are worried at all.

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