What is picNIC Deconstructed and how do I mix it?

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What is picNIC Deconstructed?

picNIC Deconstructed is the most affordable way to stock up on High-VG, low-nicotine strength versions of your favourite flavour of e-liquid. Available in all of our standard picNIC flavours, it’s even quicker and easier to mix than standard picNIC yet gets you a whopping 60 or 70ml of your favourite e-liquid.

Our picNIC Deconstructed packs all contain a large bottle pre-filled with some nicotine-free Pure VG, one or two small bottles of nicotine-free or high nicotine-strength High VG bases, and one or two flavour shots. The strength of the nicotine-base may seem high, but the 40ml of Pure VG will lower the overall strength of the e-liquid to your required level when mixed.

What exactly do you get with picNIC Deconstructed?

When you buy any of our picNIC Deconstructed packs, you’ll get a 75ml bottle filled with 40ml of nicotine-free pure VG base.

You’ll also get some 10ml nicotine-base High VG base shots, depending on which overall strength you selected:

  • If you selected 0mg e-liquid you’ll get one 0mg base shot (makes 60ml of e-liquid in total)
  • If you selected 3mg e-liquid just you’ll get one 18mg nic-base shot (makes 60ml in total)
  • If you selected 5.1mg e-liquid you’ll get two 18mg nic-base shots (makes 70ml in total)

Finally, you’ll get a 10ml flavour shot, and you have the option to add an extra 10ml flavour shot if you like a stronger taste or would like to mix two flavours together to create your own combinations.

How do you mix picNIC Deconstructed?

It couldn’t be simpler!

Unscrew the entire nozzle from the 75ml bottle and pour your nic-bases and flavour shots in. Replace the nozzle on the 75ml bottle, shake vigorously, and you have your e-liquid mixed and ready to vape. When you need to fill your tank, just unscrew the top section of the nozzle.

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