SERIES-S Battery Troubleshooting

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Is your battery refusing to fire?

If your SERIES-S battery is refusing to do anything at all, not even lighting up, the first thing to check is whether the five-click lock is active. Clicking the main button five times quickly will 'lock' the battery, making it completely unresponsive. Clicking the button another five times quickly should get it working again.

If the button light flashes red 10 times, this means that your battery simply needs charging.

However, if the battery is flashes all three colours when you press the button, this often points to an issue with the coil being damaged or a short circuit within the coil, thank or battery, so swap out the coil in your tank for a new one. Changing the coil usually fixes most issues with e-cigarettes.

If the battery still isn't firing, try your tank with another battery if possible. If the tank works as it should with another battery, this points to a fault with the first battery so please do get in touch with our customer services team who will replace the battery if it's within its 6-month warranty period.

Is your battery not charging?

Firstly, check the Micro USB charging lead with another battery if possible. If this other battery doesn't charge, this would point to an issue with the cable or the charging port, so try an alternative.

If no other battery is available, try another Micro USB charging lead. If the issue does lie with the battery and not the cable, please do contact our customer services team who will arrange a replacement if the battery is within its warranty period.

If you need any further help after trying these troubleshooting tips, please get in touch!

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